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Meet Braden Elliott

Hi everyone, I’m Braden without the Y! I relocated here to Panama City with my parents in August of 2020, at the start of my Senior school year from Kentucky. I have an artistic passion for making people feel beautiful, confident, and heard. As I am a hands-on learner, therefore, I knew college would not be the best option for me. That is when I realized I could make my dreams a reality by pursuing my education in cosmetology. I took my dream of doing something I love everyday and chose to make it my career!


I am so grateful to be a part of this industry at such a young age. After obtaining my license in the Fall of 2022, I worked with the highest level stylists to perfect my skills through our Apprentice Program. I now have the confidence and continued education to provide you with all your hair goals, wants, and needs. My love for the industry is infinite. From a fresh color, an amazing custom haircut, tips on how to style your hair at home, to give advice, or even just to listen, I'm your girl. My goal is to ensure you leave my chair feeling confident and cared for.  My favorite part of each guest visit would have to be the styling part, as it showcases my services perfectly! I love being open-minded and creative; I am always excited for a big transformation! I genuinely care about my clients and want to get to know everyone who sits in my chair and with my bubbly personality, we will have a great time talking throughout the service!


I pride myself in the dedication to my self-improvement through going to the gym, painting and reading self-help books and it has shaped me into the stylist I am today. Outside of the salon, my love for the ocean channels my “inner-mermaid vibes”. On my days off you can find me at my happy place, the beach. Residing in the “World's Most Beautiful Beaches” most definitely has its perks. If you are looking for a new stylist, I would love to have you in my chair!

Tell Us More

What is your favorite food?

Avocado Toast


What is the hottest song on your playlist?

"Too Late" - The Weekend


What is your favorite quote?

"If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else"

What chore do you absolutely hate doing?

Dishes, for sure.

Who is your celebrity look-a-like?

Mila Kunis (Actress)

What would you name the autobiography of your life?

"Become Better with Braden"

What's your guilty pleasure?

Spending too much at Target.. Time and Money.

What's your not so guilty pleasure?

Watching Reality dating shows on Netflix

What is your hidden talent?





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