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Bride with Flowers in Hair


This program was created to give back to our loyal guests that make our days and our careers so wonderful. There is no rewards card necessary and your points never expire. Just earn points by continuing your hair care regimen.


Your stylist will provide you with referral cards that you may give to friends, family, and acquaintances. Each time a new guest presents your referral card they will earn $15 toward their first visit and you will earn 100 rewards points.


For every $25 (per visit) you invest in hare care products, you will earn 10 rewards points.


For every $50 (per visit) you spend in salon services you will earn 10 rewards points


After your services you will have the opportunity to book your next visit before you leave. If you choose to book your next appointment, you will earn 10 rewards points when you return for that appointment. If you cancel you appointment you are, unfortunately, no longer eligible to earn prebooking rewards points until next time.


Add-on services include waxing, treatments, and other specialty additional services. You will earn 10 rewards points for each of these services


You can redeem your rewards in 250 point increments. For example: If you have collected 300 points and you choose to redeem you points, you will be redeeming 250 points and 50 points will remain in your account


To help you understand the value of your points, think about 10 points being equal to $1. When you redeem 250 points, you will receive $25 OFF.

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