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Join Our Team


Seeking a job in guest services?

Our guest service members are a pivotal part of our salon's operations and we welcome all positive and energetic attitudes to apply.

Tired of wearing all black?

At Topix Salon, we encourage you to be yourself. Be stylish! Our stylists have to freedom to express themselves through their wardrobe. All we ask is that you present yourself as a professional.

Getting ready to graduate from cosmetology school?

Our Apprentice Program is perfect for the fresh mind. You are given the leadership to grow a solid business for yourself and your path will become very clear. You can feel secure that your quality of work will skyrocket you to a level of confidence you can only dream of. Don't wait to jump at the opportunity to join an elite selection of stylists.

Are you an experienced hair stylist?

If you feel you are ready to grow with us, we welcome you. At Topix Salon, you will always have an opportunity for growth in income, lifestyle, and experience. Our Stylist Leveling System creates a deeper meaning in what it's like to be a professional in our industry and it offers unlimited success.

Need to learn more about your relationship with us before making your decision?

So do we. We have created an amazing culture where we treat our team like family. We strive to maintain a fun-loving atmosphere, all while producing high quality work. Our success relies on our ability to work together and have a few laughs in a salon where everyone knows your name.

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