Meet Kara Miller

Hi everyone!  I graduated from cosmetology school in Santa Barbara, California in 2016. I worked in a few different salons up and down the California coast before my boyfriend and I decided to pack up and move ourselves, and our two cats, to Florida! I have always loved to travel and experience new places and am very excited to explore all the beauty Florida has to offer. 

 I have always been an artistic person with a passion for fun and bright colors. A few years ago I started to play with paint on a canvas and it quickly became one of my very favorite pastimes. I get a lot of my inspiration from the beach, vivid sunsets, and all kinds of flowers. Painting is an awesome way for me to express my creativity and wind down at the end of a long day. I have found that it does translate into the artistry that is used in hair coloring as well! 

While bright colors are my happy place, I also thoroughly enjoy all other aspects of being a hair stylist. From precision cuts to trying a whole new color, I am here to help you decide your next style that you will adore!  My goal is to help enhance the natural beauty that you have always had and make you look and feel beautiful. I will always be open to new ideas to make your hair look and feel amazing. One of things I love about this industry is that it is always changing, so there is always something new to learn. I am eager to continue to grow as a hairstylist. 

When I was a kid I loved the salon experiences I had of being pampered and I strive to give my guests the same quality encounters. For many people a trip to the salon is an escape from reality where you are able to relax and build confidence in yourself. I have been told I am an old soul and I love to listen and help my guests with more than just their hair. I value strong relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime. I can’t wait to meet you and play with your hair! 

Tell Us More

What is your favorite food?



What is the hottest song on your playlist?

Any  00s Hip Hop


What is your favorite quote?

"She's clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future. - Proverbs 31:25


What chore do you absolutely hate doing?

Cleaning the bathtub/shower

Who is your celebrity look-a-like?

Kirsten Dunst (Actress)

What would you name the autobiography of your life?

My Cates and I

What's your guilty pleasure?

reality TV

What's your not so guilty pleasure?


What is your hidden talent?

I was a gymnast and can do some interesting flips and a killer cartwheel!