Platform stylists are our most accomplished technicians and have been in the industry many years. They are the most seasoned and educated stylists of our team. They are acknowledged in our salon as connoisseurs and bring a fortune of expertise and a comprehensive collection of design theories to their clients. Trend training maintains their finesse on the leading edge, making them not only incredible stylist, but terrific coaches as well.


Please note, our Platform stylists will have apprentices working along side them for learning and training purposes. Platform stylists are the ones to invent new trends and push themselves to be on the forefront of new techniques.


Also keep in mind our Platform stylists are the top of the field and are booked very far in advance. We suggest pre-booking more than one appointment at a time to ensure access to their full schedule! Platform stylists have attained their ranking to charge elevated prices as they have completed exceptional levels of education and displayed their cutting and color abilities.


Kristin Maddox


Summer Devilbiss


A Master Stylist is someone with remarkable skill at their craft and considered to be a true designer. With years of wisdom, expanded training, and large demand, they are truly the best-of-the-best. Many of these stylists are engaged teachers in our salons, contributing their expertise to stylists at every level of the industry.  Opt for one of our Master stylists, and you will gain a cleverly framed look, sharply customized for you. These stylists typically book out extensively in advance. Please keep this in mind when booking your appointment with any of our highly demanded team members.


Olivia Owens


Meagan Dennis


Austin Maddox


These accomplished and qualified stylists typically have a factor that can't be taught through experience alone.  Artist stylists have met the Topix Salon qualifications for unique and advanced cutting and color classes, and have established their expertise and proficiency.  Their commitment to furthering education keeps them at the forefront of new techniques and trends.

IMG_0040 2.JPG

Alexis Casagranda


Donna Herrera


At the Protègè level, our stylists have proven that they have what it takes to work unsupervised. We remain fully confident that the training they have received with our industry leaders will provide an outstanding guest experience. These stylist generally have flexible availability with affordable pricing.


Kara Miller


Emily Pope


Our Apprentice stylists are generally within their first year of being licensed, and are currently undergoing our Apprentice Program. During this period, they are assisting the Salon Owner and Lead Stylist in order to learn advanced skills, improve speed, and learn our unique Topix Salon procedures. They are here to deliver a salon quality outcome at a more affordable price.


Kailee Anderson


These team members are the core reason for our guests unmatched customer service experience. They are the ones answering our phone calls, booking our appointments, and keeping our salon looking neat, clean, and comfortable, all for you, our guest. They greet everyone with a smile and prepare our snack and beverage station to make our guests feel at home. Feel free to lean of this wonderful group for any of your guest experience needs.

Elise Armstrong

Amelia Barton