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Meet Austin

Hello! My name is Austin and I would love to be your next hairstylist. I have been a licensed cosmetologist since January of 2017 but working with my amazing team, I feel like I have decades of wisdom. Keep reading to learn a little bit about me and who knows, I might be seeing you as a guest in my chair sooner than later.


 I joined the industry after realizing the great benefits and uniqueness that comes along with it. I wanted to be surrounded by people similar to me, that don’t truly follow the daily norm. I soon realized after looking into Topix Salon that a career with this team provides limitless potential and it was right where I needed to be. I’m head over heels in love with this industry because my talents and skills can be displayed in so many ways and can be a giant influence to the community.


 As a person, I love finding both relaxation and adventure in life. I’m a recovering people pleaser with a bad habit of pacing while talking on the phone and I have an expertise in yo-yo dieting. Finding work-life balance is important to me but it requires dedication and awareness. I have five dogs with a trend of naming them using famous last names (Presley, Johansson, Jonas, Cyrus, and Wallen). I’ll let you take a guess on the celebrities they are named after.


 As a stylist, I can see right through the Pinterest hair pictures and get right down to what is really possible in your daily life. My goal is to set you up for success with the reality of your hair. They say beauty is pain, but your comfort in my priority. I chose a career at Topix Salon because the atmosphere is friendly and inviting and the amenities provided for our guests is unmatched. My super power as a stylist is my ability to hold knowledge. My brain is a sponge for everything hair and I love sharing everything I know about color and styling with my guests so they have more than enough information to keep their hair looking and feeling great in-between their appointments.


 To learn more you can follow Topix Salon on social media to get in inside looks at my newest featured creations and salon lifestyle. If you think I might just be the stylist for you, book a consultation where we can discuss our ideas and paint a picture for your hair’s future. I can’t wait to meet you.

More about Austin.

What is something you would never get tired of watching?

My fur babies exploring and playing in our backyard.

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