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Charlotte Cronk Panama City Florida

Meet Charlotte

Hi everyone! I’m Charlotte! As you will soon learn by my accent, I’m from England. My husband and I moved here shortly after getting married in 2021. After moving to the states, eager to build a future family, my priority was getting my education as well as seeking employment that was flexible with my school hours to pursue a career as a veterinary technician. Although I had no prior experience in the hair industry, as time passed, I found myself fascinated! Working around such a talented group of individuals... hair is often a topic of conversation… and guess what? I fit right in! 


Hair just seems to make sense. From the services, to the guests, to the passion.. it’s so inspiring! So much so that I could no longer see myself as an veterinary technician. I knew I found my happy place, at Topix Salon. Quickly I went from what I thought would be just “a job at a salon” to a limitless career, and I am so thankful! 


When I’m not at the salon I enjoy spending time with my two playful pups, Aphrodite and Apollo. Those two trouble makers always keep me on my toes! I also have learned to love FOOTBALL! Who would have thought?? Being from England, I never thought I would enjoy American football (Football is considered soccer in England), but here I am! Loving football and loving life! 


If you need to make and appointment or ask any questions, I’m happy to help! Talk to you soon! 

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What is something you would never get tired of watching?

Friends or any classic Disney Movie.

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