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Emily Pope Panama City, Florida

Meet Emily

Hey everyone, I’m Emily! To lead, why don’t I go ahead and start with my background in the industry. I began my journey in cosmetology in 2016, became licensed in 2017, and have held onto my passion for it ever since. To me, nothing beats knowing I have the ability to help people see the true beauty that lies inside each and every one of us. Hair is such a transformative aspect of our beings, and I’m a firm believer in a good style being able to completely impact confidence levels! If you want a stylist who is determined to help you showcase your unique beauty through your hair goals, then I’m your gal! Basically, we can just call me your #1 hype girl. 


As for a little about me, I’m a bit of a “Jack of All Trades”. My hobbies include reading and writing, bodybuilding, hiking, and playing piano. I know what you’re, “this girl is all over the place!” Well, you’re not wrong. I’m the type who constantly has to be doing something productive, and I think that has catered to my uniqueness as a stylist as well. Multiple interests and my goal-oriented personality have certainly allowed me to think outside the box and have a strong determination to achieve in my career. 


In regard to what I offer as a stylist, one of the major factors would be my inventiveness. I like to explore my creative side and aim to have each of my clients leaving with unique styles/colors that fit their individual personality and desires. With an outgoing and bubbly disposition, there will never be a dull moment lacking conversation in my chair. I love to talk, but I also love hearing about you and your stories as well. Last but not least, my ambition to help you achieve your hair goals is without bounds. With that being said, I will always be honest about what is realistic with each visit, as maintaining the integrity of your hair is my number one priority. 


If you are thinking I may be the perfect fit for you and your hair goals, then I would love nothing more than to be your new stylist! You can book a consultation with me so that we can create a game plan for your aspirations, or you can jump right in and book a hair appointment with me today! Either route you choose to take, I cannot wait to meet you and assist you with achieving your dream hair and bringing forth your confidence and inner beauty.


What is something you would never get tired of watching?

"Good Girls" or "YOU" on Netflix

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