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Meet Haley

Hi y’all my name is Haley! I am currently enrolled in cosmetology school and can’t wait to be officially behind the chair.

My love for the beauty industry all started when I was young. Being in dance definitely immersed me into all things hair and makeup. I quickly had to learn how to style my hair and how to do it proficiently. With the skill of efficiency in “bun-making” I was readily available to help my friends with their hair. This carried on for years to come and as time progressed I realized how much I loved helping others and serving them in a way that made them feel beautiful. I also am very creative and artistic which really has aided me in various ways when it comes to hair. Becoming a hairstylist is one of my biggest accomplishments in life. Although it wasn’t a clear decision at first. When I graduated high school I decided to go to Gulf Coast State College and finish my associates degree. It was a year later when I graduated from Gulf Coast. I felt accomplished, but lost. I decided to go after my business degree because I thought that was the best decision for me at the time. I got accepted into FSU shortly after and it wasn’t too long into the first semester that I knew this path wasn’t one I wanted to continue on. I withdrew myself from college and knew in my heart that I was drawn to cosmetology. A year later I took a leap of faith and I was accepted and enrolled into the cosmetology program at Haney Technical College. I know that I’m finally where I’m supposed to be. I can’t imagine myself in any other career. The endless opportunity to not only better myself, but showcase my artistic abilities, and build relationships with each of my clients are a part of why I chose this career.

With the beauty industry consistently and rapidly evolving I also wanted to immerse myself into a career that would challenge me and keep me on my toes!

Even though I’m still in school and have only been doing hair for a short period of time I have such a love for highlighting, bridal up-dos, boho styling, and fun and VIBRANT coloring! I’m still working everyday to further my education and perfect my craft. Being able to be in school and work as a guest experience team member allows me to be able to apply what I learn from Topix to what I am doing at school.

If you can’t find me at Topix and I’m not at school I’m usually with my boyfriend doing something fun. We spend a lot of our time outside (playing cornhole, riding bikes, wood-working, or just enjoying the fresh air). I also spend a lot of time going to Starbucks and Salon Centric or Target (Can I consider this a hobby?)

My quirky and bubbly personality I think is definitely something that has assisted my growth in the past year. I love to talk, but I love to listen to others even more! So if you’re in my chair we will never run out of things to talk about! I truly care about those around me and my guests. My goal is to make every guest feel beautiful and pampered while also caring for your hair care and needs! I can’t wait to see you in my chair.


What is something you would never get tired of watching?

It's a close tie between Friends and The Office!

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