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Meagan Dennis Panama City Fl

Meet Meagan

Hi, my name is Meagan. I’m a spontaneous and light hearted person that will definitely get way too excited about your hair transformation. Change excites me and creative freedom drives me so I love to create new things. 


I’ve been a stylist since 2014 when I graduated from Tom P. Haney Technical Center and A. Crawford Mosley High School with both my cosmetology license and high school diploma. In 2015 I began my journey with Topix Salon where I have had the opportunity to be a part of an encouraging environment that continues to push me every day. I love to show people their true beauty and give them the confidence they deserve. I will cater to your specific lifestyle and hair needs, but don’t worry, I will still put my creative spin on it as long as you’re okay with it. 


Even though I’m a creative and artsy individual, I’m not quite sure why cooking just never turns out for me. I guess being a housewife isn’t an option… Who am I kidding? I need to interact with people, not spices and side dishes. Want a funny story? I am sure I have some sort of recent kitchen catastrophe. If it weren’t for my husband, we’d live off of French toast, enchiladas, spaghetti, and cereal (those seem to be the only recipes that don’t lead to disaster). Hubby doesn’t seem to enjoy my “creative cooking” approaches, but there’s something for everybody and although cooking isn’t my forte… your hair definitely is! 


Anybody else see the world from a lower perspective? No, just me? Barely hitting 5 feet tall I may even need to break out my infamous foiling stool. But don’t let my size fool you. My “Sorta-Rican” big personality will make up for my small stature. I pride myself in being a part of a bigger picture (no pun intended) and I realize creativity isn’t found in comfort zones. “If you’re not uncomfortable you’re not growing” is something I tell myself daily. With that, I’m never stuck in a rut doing the same thing just a different day. Change doesn’t scare me and I’m always down for something new.


If you choose me as your hairstylist, I will more than likely give you way more information about hair than you care to know. Isn’t more information better than none at all? The “me” you get to know in the salon is the same “me” you”ll encounter anywhere else maybe just a little less censored. I’m easy to talk to and strike up a conversation with. Yes, I’m the person that even makes friends in public restrooms. Let’s face it, even if you’re not a talker, I got us! I have stories for days about my two little girls.


We’ll have some sincere moments, but my lighthearted and joking personality will lead the way. My calling is to continue to inspire others to live their best life and help y’all feel beautiful while doing so. Let’s set aside some time for us to get to know each other and address your hair needs as well as desires. I can’t wait to meet you and for us to grow together.

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